Are you looking for a way to connect with your kids through a fun shared experience in this ever-changing time?

You want to show them that together you are stronger, together you can change the world?  They are growing into their own person – carving their own notch in society. 

They are remarkable and resilient, you have taught well. 

Now more than ever, we are in times of great change and uncertainty. Compassion, Hope and Determination are the core beliefs underlying everything Desire Images does. 

You might think it’s just another photo, but this is so much more. Humanity thrives when we are seen and heard.
Let’s give our youth a voice. 

Desire Images works with individuals of all ages, shapes and sizes to unearth their identity and potential. 

We are providing you with an innovative way to still be taking photos and documenting our lives and those we love.

Once this mayhem is finished, you can come to the studio for a complimentary ‘look how big I am now’ session, and we will create some extra special magic for you and your family. 

We can ‘meet’ over video call (Zoom/FaceTime/WhatsApp)  so I can guide you and help you get the best snaps you can of your kids.
I can give you some posing sheets to guide you in the angles that we need to make the magic happen, give you some tips and tricks, and talk and joke with the kids over our video. 

These customized sessions can capture your kids own personality safe in your own home.

Client reviews:

“I just showed her. She said  “oh I love it”. She was so excited. “Am I really touching a unicorn?”  Sarah

“I love how you think outside the box!” Carleen

Styled Kids

Works of Art to treasure forever.  

A Styled kids photoshoot is about the experience, the photography, having the most beautiful photographs you have ever seen of your child. Having a portrait is priceless. It’s a gift to be treasured for many generations.

By choosing a designer session, we will have a lot of fun creating personalised works of art for your children.

It is truely amazing to watch a child flourish over the course of the shoot, gaining confidence and that little spark.

Our Studio is based in Ipswich, QLD. Contact me, and I will send you a pdf of our pricing.

It is brilliant to meet your amazing children.
I love capturing all their personalities. xx

Give me a call 0421 288 003 or email info@desireimages.com.au
I would love to make magic for you.

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North Ipswich

0421 288 003

Fabulous Family

Looking for a photographer that is fun, fast and stress free?

This style of studio shoot is ideal for the busy family.  (approx. 45 min shoot, 10 min break, approx. 30 min viewing). Our studio is easy to get to in Ipswich, QLD. 

A creative fee is $150. And then the choice is yours as to what images would love to keep as your collection.

Because of the nature and style of these photos, they require minimal editing.

Same Day viewing and selection.

These sessions are easy, I am relaxed with kids and get children (and often partners)  to open and be themselves.

Digital files start at your favourite 5 for $325.



North Ipswich

0421 288 003


Professional Services

Desire Images service many different markets.

As well as photographing Children, Families, Mums, Dads, and Newborns, we also service Schools, Corporate Events, Headshots and Business Portfolios. Fast, efficient and professional. 

Service and value are core to Desire Images. Kate, alongside her staff members, work together with schools and businesses to listen to your needs and deliver them in a timely, streamlined manner.

Our headshot service is efficient, professional and flexible to your requirements. We can photograph at your office, regional meeting, or our studio. Whatever makes it easy for you. We are used to photographing a high volume of people quickly so if you only have time in-between seminars or only a couple of minutes per person, then we can make it work. 

If you would rather spend some time with a more personalized session, our studio session would be more suited.

In both the studio and onsite sessions, we will look after

*Lighting to highlight your best features

*Guidance on how to sit/stand, where to put your hands, and where to look.

*View your images as they are taken so you can adjust anything you don’t like
•*Select your images straight after the session
*A Black and white as well as Colour version of all selected images
*Post-production on all selected images (colour & exposure correction, blemish removal and light skin softening)
*Full reproduction rights
* All business headshot prices inclusive of GST and are payable in advance of the session

Call Kate 0421 288 003 or email info@desireimages.com.au to discuss your business or school needs.

For information on Headshots

For information on Fundraising for your group

Some of the businesses we have worked with include:

“Desire Images provides high-quality images and headshots that capture the personality of the subject in a professional manner. Kate was quick to adapt to the setting which meant she was able to capture quality group and individual photos both indoors and out.”
– Scouts Queensland


Faces of Tomorrow!

Today I choose to love myself. I choose to be kind to me. I often get caught up in all the chaos and noise around me. I am constantly bombarded with words and images of how I should be, what I should be, who I should be, but not today. Today I choose to be kind. I choose to love who I am.
I choose to have hope. 

The more youth we can get to stand together in unity and shout, whisper, stand in all the determination and solidarity, the louder we will be. Our message will not be put out. It’s time now change, and that time is now. We will not tolerate hate. We will not tolerate comparing ourselves to others. We will stand firm in the knowledge that we are enough. We are the faces of tomorrow. 

To the youth of today, it is up to you to Rise up and be the faces of tomorrow. You are the ones that are going to break the cycle of negativity and self-shame. You have seen the generations before you mess it all up, and for that, I apologise. We need to #standtogether and #riseup face tomorrow head-on.

Before your photoshoot, we will have a chat about what makes you, you.

What makes your child tick. I believe that by giving our youth a positive experience, it will serve to help as a grounding as they go through the perils of teenagehood.

Have a think, for example, does your daughter love sparkly dresses or is she more of a tomboy? Does she love jeans, or maybe superheroes?

I want her to feel like herself, and for her and her friends to feel like models for the day. The girls will be talking about this day for years to come! It is an experience they will never forget! Too often we get caught in all the flashy “Insta” and “snapped” posts around, we forget what is real.

The day will be filled with sugar (delicious snacks) & spice & all things nice (hair, light age-appropriate make-up) and a photo shoot and lots and lots of laughter)!

What can make it even more perfect? Inviting 2 (or more) friends to share it all with. This will give the kids something positive to bond over.

Or perhaps this is a perfect way to spend the afternoon as mother and daughter? Or mother and son? How special will these memories be both now and in the future?

I would love to provide a beautiful, fun day for the special child in your life to celebrate who they are, along with their closest friends.
Let’s celebrate their uniqueness and create beautiful photos that will be treasured forever.

Lets’ have a chat about how we can create a full-service portrait session for your child!