Welcome to Desire Images

Welcome to Desire Images,

My mission is to Empower all through photography.

I photograph Children, Families, Mums, Dads, Newborns, Schools, Corporate events, Headshots, Business portfolios.

I create magnificent pieces for you to enjoy for generations to come.
Freezing a moment in time.

Styled Kids

Works of Art to treasure forever.  

A Styled kids photoshoot is about the experience, the photography, having the most beautiful photographs you have ever seen of your child. Having a portrait is priceless. It’s a gift to be treasured for many generations.

By choosing a designer session, we will have a lot of fun creating personalised works of art for your children.

It is truely amazing to watch a child flourish over the course of the shoot, gaining confidence and that little spark.

Our Studio is based in Ipswich, QLD. Contact me, and I will send you a pdf of our pricing.

It is brilliant to meet your amazing children.
I love capturing all their personalities. xx

Give me a call 0421 288 003 or email info@desireimages.com.au
I would love to make magic for you.

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North Ipswich

0421 288 003

Fabulous Family

Looking for a photographer that is fun, fast, easy and affordable?

This style of studio shoot is ideal for the busy family.  (approx. 30-45 min shoot, 10 min break, approx 30-45 min viewing). Our studio is easy to get to in Ipswich, QLD. 

A studio fee is $150. And then the choice is yours as to what images would like.

Because of the nature and style of these photos, they require minimal editing.

Same Day viewing and selection.

These sessions are easy, I am relaxed with kids and get children to open and be themselves.

Prints start at $65, Digital files start at your favourite 10 for $350.



North Ipswich

0421 288 003

Kate Green Photography

Kate Green Photography looks after the corporate side of Desire Images. Although under the same banner, these two business streams service very different markets.

Desire Images looks after the personal side of things, whilst KGP services the corporate division.

Service and value are core to KGP cliental. Kate, alongside her staff members work together with schools and businesses to listen to your needs, and deliver them in a timely, streamlined manner.

Call Kate 0421 288 003 or email kate@kategreenphotography.com.au to discuss your business or school needs.

Some of the businesses we have worked with include:



Bump to Baby

Our Studio has everything we need to photograph you and your perfect little baby all ready to go in Ipswich, QLD. I can’t wait to see you, and meet your new bubby. xx

You are welcome to just get your beautiful baby’s photos, or we can meet with you and do a collection as they grow 🙂

Contact me and for more information different package options.

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Such a precious time for you and your new baby. The best time to get your newborn photographs taken is when bubby is still very new. Bubby is generally still very sleepy and squishy (oh so cute!) when they are under 2 weeks old. I have everything we need to capture the tiny goodness here at the studio for you. As baby will come on their own terms and generally not to ours, we will pencil you in and can generally move things around to suit. The best time is generally in the morning for baby, and the session can take a couple of hours – depending on how many times we need to feed and change dirty nappies. Haha yes, bub will pee and prob poo on everything. Its all good. Everything gets washed and sanitised before and after each shoot. I have three kids – not much phases me!

If you would like a sibling in the photos, we will do them first as they generally have a very low attention span. Please make sure you have someone with you to take your older munchkin maybe for a walk or to entertain them. Food is always welcome for the older child, however we have a nut-free policy in the studio/area.

As your children grow, imagine all the amazing photographs they are going to have of themselves and your family.

So… How much will this cost 😀

A studio fee is $150. And then the choice is yours as to what you would like.

You can either book ‘packages’ of milestones, or you are very welcome to just have photoshoots as you would like 🙂

As a indication, the top 10 digital files from your newborn session are $600. These come with a lovely print of the same image.

We also do top 20 or even all your selected images!  Or you are also very welcome just to get prints. The choice is yours.


North Ipswich

0421 288 003