Authenticity. It seems like a buzz word these days doesn’t it. But it is so vital that your community – whether that be your clients, your family or even just the general society, see you for who you are. As a business owner, I wear my heart on my sleeve. I had a discussion last night, and the question was raised (paraphrasing) “should leaders cry? Should their emotions show?” It made me think… should I? 

I think that we/ I need to be real. I think that as a leader, yes, it is important to be mindful of my emotions, I need to be aware of how I am feeling and be responsible, but it is ok to genuinely feel and show humanity. 

Authenticity isn’t just about showing emotions. It is being honest. It is showing your passion. It is being aware of your strengths and also your weaknesses – and acknowledging that you have areas of yourself that you need to work on. It can be tough, I totally acknowledge that. It is hard sometimes to admit that you have no idea- that you are winging it just like everyone else, but please be true. Be true to your company and yourself. 

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