Headshot Details:

What Should I Bring and Wear?
It’s important to wear clothes that you are comfortable in when you get your headshots photographed. If you are comfortable, then you will relax easier and the photos will also look more relaxed.
This could be dresses, shirts, jumpers or jackets. Bring clothes that are relevant to your profession, for example, if your brand is strong corporate – a flowery dress probably isn’t the best option. You might want to wear a shirt and tie, or dress shirt.

Hair and Make up?
If you are an actor or model, then fresh-faced light make-up is best. You need to be you. The directors and casting agents need to see you as you are 🙂 Those who are looking for the more corporate headshots, wear make-up as you would to the office or an interview.
Please have clean, neat hair. With long hair, we can do photos with hair up and hair down. This will give you a variety of images.

How Do I Get My Images?
Once we have finished your photography session, we will choose your images straight away. I will transfer you the images within 24hours. These can be sooner on request.

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Parents, I implore you to have a conversation with your child.

Again and again I see messages of hate and our youth trying to tear each other down. Have we set such a bad example for the next generation? Have we forgotten how to show love?

Girls and boys, our children are being torn apart – from the inside out. They receive messages on paper, on screens and to their face that they are no good, that they are useless, that the world would be better without them…

My heart aches…

Parents, we keep saying #foreveragainstbullying but what are we doing about it? Have you had a hard convo with your child? Have you picked up and read their phone?

You are the parent. They are the child. It is our job to teach them the righty and wrong way to speak to someone. It is our job – as parents to say no, enough is enough. No more.

The kids that are being smashed open look just the same as everyone else. They may try to cover it up, they may try to be louder, funnier show it doesn’t bother them, but, they are kids… They cry when no-one is looking, they try to build thick scar tissue, they are in agony.

The kids that taunt, they look the same on the outside too, perhaps they are harbouring some issues of their own. BUT it is NOT appropriate to pull someone else down to make you feel better- or so you feel bigger.

I know you, as adults know this.

I challenge you to talk to your children.

This is an issue we can no longer stand quietly on.

When we stand side by side, we are #strongertogether

When is the best time for family photos?

Oh My Gosh.

I want to say ALL THE TIME. Haha I just want you to have amazing photos of your family.

But seriously, have a think about how old your kids are. If you have a little on under 5 or potentially 6, they are not going to function or play the game without you getting stressed too after 3 in the afternoon.

Planning is the key. Weekday sessions are the best for the morning, Maybe your older kids could miss first session of school (don’t tell my Dad I said that!) We can take your photos, choose your awesomeness, and then be done in about an hour. 😁

If you have older kids, maybe a weeknight works for your family? Can be after dinner. Everyone has had a chance to get home, get cleaned up, put freshly ironed clothes on, regroup and ready to go again. Studio portraits mean that we have no time or weather constraints (How awesome is that!)

Weekend Sessions are also available, however they tend to book out. We work with your individual family requirements to produce the photos that you dream of.

Why should I take Family Photos? 🤔

Why are family photos so important to us?

Its an interesting question isn’t it. In this digital age, still, the most coveted thing is family photos. If the house is on fire, besides the obvious people and pets, family photos are still the one thing people yearn for. 

Often family photo albums, and portraits on the wall are some of the most important objects to us, and yet surprisingly we take them for granted. Often it’s not until too late that we grasp the concept of how important it is to exist in photos. To exist in print. 

We look at photos to remember someone (or a pet) that we have lost. It helps us remember details long since forgotten. It puts a smile back on our faces and helps us cope that they are no longer with us.  

Sometimes this can be confronting as we can’t find enough good photos.  They are now stored on a computer that crashed or on a old phone, sometimes the quality isn’t the best… 

I see you. I see you are hiding behind the line that “no-one wants to see me”.. well, actually they do. You need to be there, need to exist for your family and friends around you. This is your legacy. 

I want you to stop for a minute and have a think about the importance of family photos and history.  Something happens to us when we show off photos doesn’t it. Our heart swells with love and pride, we want to show everyone. They are a gift to be treasured. Family photos can evoke emotions long after the actual photo was taken! 

Please, print your photos. Hang them in your home. Engage a professional photographer to work with you and get the best out of your family. Do this on a regular basis. Watch your kids and family grow and change. You will be lifted by the results. 

Tell them

Ever really wanted something so bad, and your partner just doesn’t get it? Your kids just can’t get their sh*t sorted?!

Tell your partner what it means to you to have these photographs done.
They may not care about the photos, but they cares for you. And that should be enough.

Tell your kids what getting these photos mean to you.
They may not understand as they are still young , about how important is is to exist in print. They love you.

I get it. I totally understand craziness. I thrive off of what most people think is nuts. Let’s work together and create some magic for you and your family.


“My Vision is for kids and families to know how valuable they are, that they are loved, and we can see that they will change the world”
~ Kate

Thoughts for the day…

I’ve been doing a bit of thinking lately, (I know – scary right?!) and I’ve been pondering on the age old question of what makes me, well, me? 🤔

It’s interesting to think about isn’t it…

I mean, that is the reason I designed Desire Images in the first place.

Too often we get so caught up in everyday life, that we forget who we are. Am I right? As parents our identities become compromised. We are no longer ourselves, we become “someones mum” “someones dad”, the worker, the provider, the cleaner, the taxi driver (seriously, how many after school activities do we need to do?!!!)

I am working with an extraordinary lady at the moment, and I love her vibrancy and energy. She asked me some questions, and although they seem surface level easy to answer… when you actually stop and think its quite tricky.

I know I have a fire in my gut to do the impossible – to be challenged. I know I love creating and making artworks. I know I am exceptional at getting the kids that are challenging to co-operate/ work with their energy to create magic for their parents. I know that everyone is accepted – for who they are. I know that I want to give the world to everyone.

As I have grown, Desire Images has grown too. It has emerged as a place where you can be yourself, you don’t have to just fit into one neat little box. There is often a great deal of laughter in our sessions. Family, kids, baby, styled, corporate, schools, each have their own personalities and styles – but one thing remains consistent, and that is that anything is possible. We just have to have hope.

So… what do you cost?

One million dollars!”  (lol jks!) 😂

I was asked the other day as to what I charge, and why. Now, besides that being a little weird to ask someone to justify their cost of doing business, it got me thinking… Maybe I should write a quick note, and help educate some more people 🙂 

The creative fee for your session formally covers all the amazing value below. Just as a plumber has a seperate fee for call out and parts, I have a seperate fee for the session, and the photographs you choose.  For each session you are not only paying for the time spent with me/ my team, but so much more.

This fee depends on your session type. Fab family is currently $100 and Newborn is $150.

We spend time before your session in design and planning, making everything perfect for your time here.  Running a shot list, to maximise the productiveness for you. 

Then we have an awesome time together making great photographs and memories. Over the past 11 years, I have learnt exactly the photos to take, you are benefitting from my expertise and artistic experience. 

So, you know that you are paying for a photography session and that obviously means someone to take the photos, but have you thought about all the other bits of the business?

A professional camera (and back up cameras)

Professional lights and flashes

Computers capable of processing your high qual files

Computer programs to edit your amazing images (and the ability to know how to do that and make the magic happen!) 

Storage of your files (and off-site backups)

Business and Public Liability insurance

Marketing and website costs

Props and clothes – how awesome are they?!

Studio running costs (Phone and internet, electricity ect)

Countless hours of training, workshops, education, learning how to be the best – just for you. 

After your session is finished and you have chosen your photographs, the studio is then cleaned (again!) and washing done. 

Your files are uploaded and backed up onto the server. Then I sit down and edit your photos – to make them the best they can be. If you have a styled session, or a newborn session, the editing of these are quite a lot more intense.  

Does this help give you an idea of the value of a professional photographer? 

xx Let me know if you have any more questions 😃

For a full price list, send me a message with what you are after ❤️

Colouring in Time!😁

I thought We could do something fun for Ekka show week here in QLD.

Download the below file and let your kids have a colour 😁

Post a pic of your kids completed picture on my FB page, https://www.facebook.com/desireimagesaustralia/ and lets have a bit of fun! I’d love to see what they come up with!!! 😃

What sort of fun things are you doing this week?

Fundraising Photos!

Sunnybank Kindy hosted a Fantastic Photo Fundraising Fiesta!
We are helped them out with $10 from every session, plus an additional 15% from each sale going towards their Kindy.
We had lots of laughs on Sunday as we captured heaps of memories. 🙂
How awesome is it to freeze time where you family is right now?!?

We got heaps of variety during the shoots. Kids are kids – and there is never a dull moment haha!

Each shoot took about 20 minutes, during which we captured between 60-100 images, depending on the number in the family, and the children’s co-operation (lol, it’s all good – I have 3 kids, and have seen it all! Haha seriously, I am magic with kids and can generally coax them out of their shell!)

Interested in fundraising for your School or Community group? Send me a message and we’ll have a chat.