Making time for memories

Its hard to make time to get the kids photos taken isn’t it. I get it. Life is so super crazy sometimes. Can you believe we are already mid March!?! Yikes!

My beautiful friend has brought her two youngest to me to photograph every year now since he was born. We have been getting a ‘growing older’ photo. It is so cool. Each year, he holds the photo of him holding the photos. It’s pretty incredible to watch this young man grow over the last six years!!

I am blessed to have this family as friends.

Genetics Dance Photos

Sunday was a fantastic afternoon with Genetics Dance.

We got some fantastic shots of the kids practicing their solos, and having fun together in a great family atmosphere. Everyone is welcome at this new little dance school. The Principal dance teacher Britta is fantastic with the kids, and really has a report that is lovely to watch. (Their Facebook link is below (be sure to pop over and say hello)

Behind the camera

I thought I would give you a little insight as to what happens in the thought/ creation process of creating these images… Have a quick look 🙂

All the different components and steps (besides photoshop brushes and rendering) that went into this image 🙂

Final Product: Fairy Light

Empowering Young Women

This beautiful young lady faces challenges that most of us don’t even think about. She inspires me.

She has faced many years of bullies over her schooling career. To see the look on her face when she saw her photo was pretty cool. She is starting to see herself as the warrior she really is.

Special School Photos

Did you know that it takes a certain and very patient person to take photos at a special school? Generally we schedule the photos over two days. This allows us to capture as many of the classes as possible on the first day, and then we are able to go to the individual rooms for the 2nd day, to photograph the children who, just cannot cope with being out of their routine and room.

I take time with each child, it’s not just about powering though the numbers. Each child is treated as an individual. I love seeing the kids grow each year. It is really special when they remember who I am too.

Styled Kids Dream Photo Session

Our Styled Kids sessions are fully styled, customized sessions that truly capture the individuality of your little (and not so little) one and our endless creativity to bring out the uniqueness in them.

Styled sessions are available for children who love attention!

These sessions take our set designs and creativity to a whole new level above and beyond our regular sessions and we provide it all… the custom clothes, the handcrafted décor, and the dreamy edited backdrops in a one-of-a-kind session experience to bring the unique creative vision to life.
And, in our Styled Kids sessions we are focused on getting THE shot. The one that’s going to hang huge on your wall.  While some of these image seem simple, a lot more goes into them
than appears!

Your package will start with a phone consultation with the artist herself! Together you will collaborate on all creative aspects of the vision for your session or just brainstorm on any inspirations or dreams you may have for your session.  These don’t have to be the most elaborate sessions ever made, we can keep it very simple, but still just focus on your child!

Once a vision is decided on, Kate will take the lead in designing every last detail of your session
including: outfits, props, and location venues.

Your package will come with about 10-20 fully edited, high definition digital images from the session that will be given to you on a USB thumb drive, as well as a digital dowloadable link.

As well, you will be able to choose from either a 20 x 30 custom acrylic or canvas wall print making a great statement piece and a unique addition of fine art to any room in your home!
Pricing for our Dream Sessions start at $1,500 and includes all costumes, props.

Please ask for more details.

Creative Flair Photoshoot

It was so much fun yesterday, My daughter and I played photos and all different looks for the day. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time!

Oh my gosh, you should see the rest of them!

Hahaha I guarantee that your young teen will have an absolute ball playing in the studio with me !

New Year, Fresh Start!

Can you believe that in 2 days time, we are starting a new year? It certainly is blowing my mind!!!  Thank you all for your continued support over the last year. It means a lot.

Let’s get on top of 2019 – before the craziness of daily life hits again. 🙂

Book your updated family session before school goes back. Seriously, a fab family session is really fast and easy for you to do. All you have to do it come dressed ready to go (or bring clean clothes for the kids if they tend to grot themselves in the car).  My goal is to capture some awesome images, you just have to resist buying them all .. haha

We will look at, and choose the photos straight as soon as we are done. So you only have to make one trip.

Digital files start at your fav 10 for $350lets-go-2019.jpg


Call or Message me on 0421 288 003 or to book your session.

Christmas Minis


What a great weekend!!!

Christmas decoration

How great is it to freeze this moment in time in the life of your family.

aa 8x10 Polar Express jackson

And we had time to create some fairy magic too!

aa musroom izzy

There is still time to create some magic for your kids and family this year! Make sure you send me a message or call!


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