Market Day!

It was great to meet some lovely families at the Brassall State School markets today. I love meeting new families, and hearing your stories 🙂

Being able to create some family photos for you that are hassle free is awesome.  Its great to take some photos while your kids are young, something that you will remember for ages! haha yes, even the process of getting a 2yr old to stand still!

AA DSC_6583.jpg




As you may or may not be aware, I am in the process of rebranding and name changing from ‘Kate Green Photography’ to everything being encompassed into ‘Desire Images’. This is an exciting change and growth time for this little business. So many wonderful ideas flood my mind haha.

I believe whole heartedly that my  photography should be used to empower everyone, It is exciting. It is creative. It is a little different sometimes, but always developed with passion.

I love working in the studio, I love pushing the boundaries of image creation. I love trying new things and ideas. If you have a crazy idea that you want to try – just ask. I can totally give it a go! (There will prob be a lot of laughter along the way!)




(Yep, that is real flour and milk! Tell you what, the studio was a MESS after! HAHAHA
Awesome fun!)

Daniel’s Dragon

So my little one was quite stressed yesterday, so I thought we would duck into the studio for a quick pick me up. 🙂  Daniel loves dragons, and he loves the magical photos I have been creating lately.  So a quick photoshoot, and then several hours later, we he found this little dragon 🙂  🙂   🙂

We are going to get these printed for his bedroom wall.

I honesty really enjoy creating stories and magical images for your little ones.

dragon Dan smallfairy hollow dragon small


What sort of things do your kids like doing?


fairy garden pond dragon small


A personalized photoshoot capturing the most beautiful photographs you have ever seen of your child to be treasured for many generations.

Folio Box (Includes print and digital file) 5 $750 10 $1350 20$2700
Little Black Book 8 images beautifully presented in your little black folio $750 Designer Album Selection of your favourite images from your session individually designed in your 20 sided album $2500

Older Teens !

Have you ever thought about getting photos of your older kids before they are all grown up and have lives of their own?


Life can get so chaotic for the older teen. They are getting pulled in so many directions, family, school, sports, Its hard to stop and be centred.

We can have a nice afternoon together, creating some time and space for you guys to be yourselves, to relax, make some memories and laugh as we take photos.  You may be surprised at how much you enjoy each others company!


Offering a double makeover and print package $999

bw-4856 sm logo.jpg


4 Generations!

It is such a special moment when four generations come in for a photoshoot!

Last week, I had the pleasure of photographing Jo and her lovely family.  The ever amazing Dyan from Makeup by Dyan worked her magic on the ladies hair and make up, as we played and photographed. 🙂

I photographed each of the ladies together, as well as individually.  They will all remember this day and the time and laughter spent together forever I think.

It was so cute to watch the littlest miss, her great grandma and grandma interact 🙂 Happiness is… 😊

small DSC_9055.jpg

Honestly, I love my job ❤



This is my place.

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Where would one look to find something?
Where would one look to find something?
Under the bed!
In the freezer (haha don’t laugh, I ‘found’ many things there when I was pregnant)!
Nope it’s not there this time – d’oh.
Like many of you, I am looking for my place in the world.
I love taking photographs! I love meeting with people! I love meeting with you, having a laugh and freezing time for you and your family.
Its the connections, the relationships between people that are so important.
I think that this is where I come in.
So many businesses are just that, businesses. Photography should be more. They can take an okay photo, but there is no connection. More than ‘how much do you charge’ more than numbers ‘oh, i totally booked 6 clients this week’ ‘ i shoot over 50 weddings a year’. It’s not about big noting yourself and being all pompous.  It’s not about the gear – lets face it ‘everyone’ has a camera these days.
You know what? I’m calling baloney.
Let’s bring this industry back to the people. Let’s make it real again. Let’s band together and bring relationships back.
I want to showcase your family memories, the bond that sisters (when-they’re-not-killing-each-other) have. The unique connection that mum’s and son’s have. The way a daughter can look into her daddy’s eyes, and make his heart melt. The stillness in the chaos of family life between a husband and wife – knowing that they have each other’s backs.
Through Desire Images (  I yearn to allow women to blossom in front of the camera, I desire to give them even a glimpse of how beautiful they are – just as they are.
This is where I want to be in the world. This is my place.