Our Studio has everything we need to photograph you and your perfect little baby all ready to go in Ipswich, QLD. I can’t wait to see you, and meet your new bubby. xx

You are welcome to just get your beautiful bubby’s photos, or we can meet with you and do a collection as they grow 🙂


Maternity/baby bump photos are beautiful. Pregnancy is a thing of beauty. It is just amazing how your body grows and develops. This is fantastic to document your time.

This is a (often) one-time event, and even though you may feel yucky, a time to cherish.  We see a beautiful woman, bringing a new baby (or more!) into this world. We can take photos of you, with your partner and children.



Such a precious time for you and your new baby. The best time to get your newborn photographs taken is when bubby is still very new. Bubby is generally still very sleepy and squishy (oh so cute!) when they are under 2 weeks old. I have everything we need to capture the tiny goodness here at the studio for you. As baby will come on their own terms and generally not to ours, we will pencil you in and can generally move things around to suit. The best time is generally in the morning for baby, and the session can take a couple of hours – depending on how many times we need to feed and change dirty nappies. Haha yes, bub will pee and prob poo on everything. Its all good. Everything gets washed and sanitised before and after each shoot. I have three kids – not much phases me!

If you would like a sibling in the photos, we will do them first as they generally have a very low attention span. Please make sure you have someone with you to take your older munchkin maybe for a walk or to entertain them. Food is always welcome for the older child, however we have a nut-free policy in the studio/area.


Oh that infectious smile! Bubby know you and loves to smile, lifting their head enough for a quick capture! If they are not quite ready, wait a week or two, bubbies change so fast. It won’t be long 🙂

6 mths

About 6mths, there’s another exciting milestone for you and your baby. They will be laughing, and even sitting up! This is a great age.  Their little personalities are already starting to shine. Sometimes bubby needs a little help with balancing- that’s ok too!  If your little one isn’t sitting up yet, again best to wait a few weeks until they are.

1 year

How exciting and crazy has this year flown!?!

Everything is happening so fast. Teeth, standing with or without help, absolutely a milestone! Some babies walk earlier, some later. They are all different. We can do a couple of weeks before birthday, so you can use beautiful photos for their birthday invitations, or may even want to wait a couple of weeks to catch walking. Totally up to you, such an amazing journey you have been on together. Now is the time to celebrate!

What next?

I would love to continue our relationship for many years to come. Take advantage of all the offers I put up for you, come in and see me every year. As your children grow, imagine all the amazing photographs they are going to have of themselves and your family.



So… How much will this cost 😀

A studio fee is $150. And then the choice is yours as to what you would like.

You can either book ‘packages’ of milestones, or you are very welcome to just have photoshoots as you would like 🙂

As a indication, the top 10 digital files from your session are $500. These come with a lovely print of the same image.

We also do top 20 or even all your selected images!  Or you are also very welcome just to get prints. The choice is yours.




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