Mother’s Day

Right, I want to know how it is possible that we are in May already? Holy Moly. Am I right!?!

Sometimes, it can be hard to find the perfect gift for mum – particularly as the kids get bigger, and their painted handprints cover the walls -maybe those once loved artworks are now hidden away from everyday sight, but hold more cherished memories than could ever be said…

This mothers’ day, give her a gift that will continue to give, long after the flash has stopped firing. Give her beautiful artwork for the wall. Give her a photo session with Desire Images. It could be a family session, or it could be something just for her. Make an afternoon/ evening of it. Dress to impress, and go to a fancy restaurant afterwards (Yup, giving you heaps of Brownie point ideas here…)!

$640 value for only $100

The Details:
Your Gift Voucher includes:
*Her favourite image as a digital and a print
*A slideshow showcasing some of your beautiful images from your session.

Location: Studio Session
5 Fitzgibbon St, North Ipswich

Physical Gift voucher will be available for pick up from the North Ipswich Studio.

Additional photographs – wall art, gift prints and digital images are available to purchase separately – We know you are going to love your photos!
We will tell you what to do, where to put your hands ect, but research some poses and see if there are any must-have shots that you would love, just let Kate know and we will try and accommodate.

Arrive on time for your scheduled appointment – let us know if you’re running behind.

You will be viewing and your photos straight after your session. (Be prepared to be awed by your coolness!)
Respect the value and integrity of people and property in the studio.
The studio has a strict no nuts policy.

Be yourself! the camera loves you, we promise, nothing is too silly or too crazy, be fun, be bold, be you.

Call Kate to Claim you LIMITED gift Voucher!

Desire Images
0421 288 003

Easter Mini Sessions 2022- Ipswich

They are back for another year, studio sessions available at an amazing price of $99!

Let your hair down and allow yourself to laugh! Perfect for the kids, family or even (and most fun of all – with your best friends!)

We are so excited to help bring some magic and fun back to your life! 

Once you arrive at the studio, down the big grassed driveway, you will pop your things down on the couch and make yourself comfortable. Make sure you are dressed and ready to go. I have some props available to use but feel free to personalise your session and bring your own too!  We will photograph for about 20 minutes, and then we will look at your photos straight away – be prepared to laugh at some goofy faces! Your starter pack comes with 3 included images, but keep in mind, most people can’t resist the chance to have some great memories and upgrade their package 😉

The digital files will be custom edited just for you and transferred to you the next day.

Pause for a sec…

Sometimes, as an adult life can get pretty crazy right?

I mean, we are so consumed by getting to the next activity on time, or what the heck am I supposed to make for dinner again tonight (like, what is with that one!)? That too often I think we forgot to pause, that everything just blurs into one.


Take a big breath, regroup and then go again.

When people tell me to breathe, haha, that is a trigger. I totally get it. its like what the heck ham, I am already breathing, but I think its the concept of being in the moment, regrouping, and then continuing.

It’s like just put a pause button in there…

Being in a state of stress for such an extended period of time I think is playing with all our minds, and I think it is everyone, which is why emotions are running crazy. We see images from around the world, from in our own country of people fighting against other people. It is clear that everyone is stressed from being stressed. We have gone from looking out for each other, to looking out for ourselves. We are so weary that our neighbour is not our concern anymore. I think the random smiles from strangers in the streets and shops and the hug of a friend is pivotal to our society and how it fluently functions. How did we let it get this far, and what can we, what can I do about it?

Maybe someone shops needs that smile – yes, a real one, let the corners of your eyes scrunch, let your eyes twinkle, nothing can hide that.

I know that we need to pause, take a moment for ourselves, refill our cup, wash our spoons, then pass the warmth on to those around. I know burnout is real – boy do I know that.

Take a moment now, give yourself permission to sigh, a deep long sigh, close your eyes. do it again. It is ok to feel whatever emotion it is you’re feeling. It’s ok.

And you know what, it will be ok. You will be ok. We will be ok.

Leading the way

The las two weeks have been interesting haven’t they…

We have seen people and business turn and “pivot” in their stride. It is tricky isn’t it. I feel we are living in a constant state of angst and trepidation. Well, I know I am. I am working in harnessing all that energy and using it to create new ways of doing things, and ways I can support other local businesses in my community. I may have spent waaaay to much time on social mediating the mindless scroll, laughing at dog videos, but the videos that stop me are the teens and young people with a voice. The message is getting out.

Through all the chaos, my message remains the same; Beauty isn’t in the mirror – it is inside of you.

Youth of today, it is up to you to Rise up and be the Faces of Tomorrow.
You are the ones that are going to break the cycle of negativity and self-shame.
You have seen the generations before you mess it all up, and for that, I apologise. We all need to stand together and rise up, facing tomorrow head-on.

By giving you, our youth a positive experience, I believe we can help lighten your load, and allow a safe space, and a tangible product that you can hold to, something to ground you, and give you point of reference.

I want to show you that there is hope.

My goal is to help lead the way in showing you that you are capable, showing you that you can be confident- you are allowed to be confident in who you are. This tall poppy foolishness has to stop. I want to show you that you belong.

That may seem like a big goal, but I believe that we can achieve it if we work together. How amazing will it be for the next generation to come through and see just how far we have come. Maybe ‘pivoting’ will become the new way of operating, maybe we will learn to roll with the punches, until then, I will stand by you, hold your hand and we will laugh our way into the future.

Change Maker

Part of my vision is to help people see how amazing they are. I want to show you that even though it might feel hard right now, there is someone in your corner, backing you up, cheering you on. It’s funny, I did a ‘visualisation’ at the start of working with another professional. She asked my to visualise what I saw myself doing and if I didn’t do this, what would happen – all the lights would go out… yes, the lights would dim, but more vividly to me, the laughter would go silent.

I believe that the my studio is a safe place. I know that it is a place where self concepts are challenged. I know that when you see your photo printed on the wall, that you are going to know that you are loved.

I know that there will be laughter, and I know that there will be tears. And do you know what, that’s ok. this is a safe place.

It is my passion to change the world – one person at a time. I want to help you to embrace who you are. You can shout it from the mountain tops, or even whisper into the night, “wow, this is me” “I am me”.

I want to lead the way in showing our next generation, that they can break they cycle of negativity. They can do better than the generations before. It is ok to believe in yourself. We need to change the world together. We need to spread the laughter loud and clear.


Authenticity. It seems like a buzz word these days doesn’t it. But it is so vital that your community – whether that be your clients, your family or even just the general society, see you for who you are. As a business owner, I wear my heart on my sleeve. I had a discussion last night, and the question was raised (paraphrasing) “should leaders cry? Should their emotions show?” It made me think… should I? 

I think that we/ I need to be real. I think that as a leader, yes, it is important to be mindful of my emotions, I need to be aware of how I am feeling and be responsible, but it is ok to genuinely feel and show humanity. 

Authenticity isn’t just about showing emotions. It is being honest. It is showing your passion. It is being aware of your strengths and also your weaknesses – and acknowledging that you have areas of yourself that you need to work on. It can be tough, I totally acknowledge that. It is hard sometimes to admit that you have no idea- that you are winging it just like everyone else, but please be true. Be true to your company and yourself. 

2020 Christmas Experience

Well 2020 has been a year like no other!

“You are someone that I love I want to capture you for all time.”

We have all learnt a little more this year the value of friends and family. 

2020 has been a year for the history books. Community and family have banded together like never before. We have survived drought, fire, floods, pandemic, rallies and … toilet paper.

Christmas is that moment when you stop, breathe and be grateful for all you have.

Mark the end of this year with a celebration of your bond! Maybe is your family, maybe its your best friend. How do you want to celebrate?!

Reserve your spot Now

$195 – 20 Minute Session

  • 2 Digital Images
  • Sibling/Family/best friend photos included
  • Choose your photos onsite
  • Fast Turn-around

Headshot Details:

What Should I Bring and Wear?
It’s important to wear clothes that you are comfortable in when you get your headshots photographed. If you are comfortable, then you will relax easier and the photos will also look more relaxed.
This could be dresses, shirts, jumpers or jackets. Bring clothes that are relevant to your profession, for example, if your brand is strong corporate – a flowery dress probably isn’t the best option. You might want to wear a shirt and tie, or dress shirt.

Hair and Make up?
If you are an actor or model, then fresh-faced light make-up is best. You need to be you. The directors and casting agents need to see you as you are 🙂 Those who are looking for the more corporate headshots, wear make-up as you would to the office or an interview.
Please have clean, neat hair. With long hair, we can do photos with hair up and hair down. This will give you a variety of images.

How Do I Get My Images?
Once we have finished your photography session, we will choose your images straight away. I will transfer you the images within 24hours. These can be sooner on request.

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Parents, I implore you to have a conversation with your child.

Again and again I see messages of hate and our youth trying to tear each other down. Have we set such a bad example for the next generation? Have we forgotten how to show love?

Girls and boys, our children are being torn apart – from the inside out. They receive messages on paper, on screens and to their face that they are no good, that they are useless, that the world would be better without them…

My heart aches…

Parents, we keep saying #foreveragainstbullying but what are we doing about it? Have you had a hard convo with your child? Have you picked up and read their phone?

You are the parent. They are the child. It is our job to teach them the righty and wrong way to speak to someone. It is our job – as parents to say no, enough is enough. No more.

The kids that are being smashed open look just the same as everyone else. They may try to cover it up, they may try to be louder, funnier show it doesn’t bother them, but, they are kids… They cry when no-one is looking, they try to build thick scar tissue, they are in agony.

The kids that taunt, they look the same on the outside too, perhaps they are harbouring some issues of their own. BUT it is NOT appropriate to pull someone else down to make you feel better- or so you feel bigger.

I know you, as adults know this.

I challenge you to talk to your children.

This is an issue we can no longer stand quietly on.

When we stand side by side, we are #strongertogether