Colouring in Time!😁

I thought We could do something fun for Ekka show week here in QLD.

Download the below file and let your kids have a colour 😁

Post a pic of your kids completed picture on my FB page, and lets have a bit of fun! I’d love to see what they come up with!!! 😃

What sort of fun things are you doing this week?

Fundraising Photos!

Sunnybank Kindy hosted a Fantastic Photo Fundraising Fiesta!
We are helped them out with $10 from every session, plus an additional 15% from each sale going towards their Kindy.
We had lots of laughs on Sunday as we captured heaps of memories. 🙂
How awesome is it to freeze time where you family is right now?!?

We got heaps of variety during the shoots. Kids are kids – and there is never a dull moment haha!

Each shoot took about 20 minutes, during which we captured between 60-100 images, depending on the number in the family, and the children’s co-operation (lol, it’s all good – I have 3 kids, and have seen it all! Haha seriously, I am magic with kids and can generally coax them out of their shell!)

Interested in fundraising for your School or Community group? Send me a message and we’ll have a chat.

Special School Photos

Did you know that it takes a certain and very patient person to take photos at a special school? Generally we schedule the photos over two days. This allows us to capture as many of the classes as possible on the first day, and then we are able to go to the individual rooms for the 2nd day, to photograph the children who, just cannot cope with being out of their routine and room.

I take time with each child, it’s not just about powering though the numbers. Each child is treated as an individual. I love seeing the kids grow each year. It is really special when they remember who I am too.

Christmas Minis

Exciting time of the year! Its almost Christmas!!

Collection 1 – $95

Inc. 20 min studio session, 3 digital images and post production effects

Collection 2 – $190

Inc. 20 min studio session, 10 digital images and post production effects

Fast easy photos. Perfect to update your family photos, get some ‘nice’ photos of the kids, great gifts for grandparents.


PLUS you can upgrade either collection above to add a custom “Elf on the shelf,
Window or Polar express” magical image only $85 extra.
These are super special images.

Smiling Santa Claus pointing on blank advertisement banner backg



Sat 3rd November

Sun 4th November

aa DSC_4401

Please read this before booking

*Please be on time, if you are late I cannot run into the next session

*Please consider your child’s nap habits when selecting your preferred time

*When booking you need to pay the $50 deposit, the balance of the collections are due at the shoot. Payments can be made via cash or card.

*Collections will be sent to you via dropbox-or email.  No prints are included
(unless ordered as extra).

*Not all backdrop may get used in each session, this will be determined on a shoot by shoot bases based on the amount of participants, collection selected and
willingness of kids on the day

*I have extensive experience and I am fantastic working with all types of children.  If you think there may be issues please contact me, and we can have a chat.
Sometimes we may need to book a longer session, please give me a call, and we can work something out. Your family deserves fantastic fun photos to remember even this crazy time your
lives too.

aa christmas 2018

*Please ask if you have any questions.


Grade 12!!!

Can you believe our babies are growing up and about to finish their
school journey!?!


Have you ever thought about getting photos of your older kids before they are all grown up and have lives of their own?

Life can get so chaotic for the older teen. They are getting pulled in so many directions, family, school, sports, Its hard to stop and be centred.

We can have a nice afternoon together, creating some time and space for you guys to be yourselves, to relax, make some memories and laugh as we take photos.  You may be surprised at how much you enjoy each others company!

I want to offer you a makeover and print package $899

We can capture all aspects of their personality.

Relax More



Laugh More



Stay Classy


Who am I?

Good morning everyone!

Thought I’d pop in a quick note as to who I am, and what makes me tick. 🙂

My name is Kate, and I have an awesome yet crazy household. haha Never a dull moment here!  My husband and I have 3 kids – our eldest is graduating grade 12 this year (which I am totally not ready for- where on earth did that time go?!), so between dance, soccer, cubs, scouts, theatre work with the other two, someone is always on the move. Git to say, I don’t know how it world work any other way. Seems to be perfect for us.

I studied Bachelor of Social Science back in the day, majoring in Counselling and Drama. Who would have known that they would fit so perfectly with the life we now lead.

I am a producer for a local theatre production. This year’s show is a musical comedy. Seriously, you will be rolling in the isles!

My photography business has been buzzing along for 9 and a bit years now. I have learnt so much both about photos, and prob more about people than I expected. I am always learning and developing my skills.

I was thinking, why should people come and see me as opposed to someone else in the area? Well, I believe that it is all about the relationships. Like, you would see one of my friends (photographer), she calls a spade a spade, or another may be cheeper, but I think I am gentle with people of all types and ages. I am great with kids, teens and also great with women, not everyone is for everyone…. does that make sense – or am I rambling..?

I may not be perfect, my house may not be in order, but I am passionate, I am gentle, and I will give you all I can. I will be there for you in the hard times and the fun.

You have enough. You are enough. xx