As you may or may not be aware, I am in the process of rebranding and name changing from ‘Kate Green Photography’ to everything being encompassed into ‘Desire Images’. This is an exciting change and growth time for this little business. So many wonderful ideas flood my mind haha.

I believe whole heartedly that my  photography should be used to empower everyone, It is exciting. It is creative. It is a little different sometimes, but always developed with passion.

I love working in the studio, I love pushing the boundaries of image creation. I love trying new things and ideas. If you have a crazy idea that you want to try – just ask. I can totally give it a go! (There will prob be a lot of laughter along the way!)




(Yep, that is real flour and milk! Tell you what, the studio was a MESS after! HAHAHA
Awesome fun!)

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