Change Maker

Part of my vision is to help people see how amazing they are. I want to show you that even though it might feel hard right now, there is someone in your corner, backing you up, cheering you on. It’s funny, I did a ‘visualisation’ at the start of working with another professional. She asked my to visualise what I saw myself doing and if I didn’t do this, what would happen – all the lights would go out… yes, the lights would dim, but more vividly to me, the laughter would go silent.

I believe that the my studio is a safe place. I know that it is a place where self concepts are challenged. I know that when you see your photo printed on the wall, that you are going to know that you are loved.

I know that there will be laughter, and I know that there will be tears. And do you know what, that’s ok. this is a safe place.

It is my passion to change the world – one person at a time. I want to help you to embrace who you are. You can shout it from the mountain tops, or even whisper into the night, “wow, this is me” “I am me”.

I want to lead the way in showing our next generation, that they can break they cycle of negativity. They can do better than the generations before. It is ok to believe in yourself. We need to change the world together. We need to spread the laughter loud and clear.

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