Contemporary Glamour

At Desire Images we strive to empower the woman within you. Our Desire Images photoshoot allows you to relax in our studio as we give you an experience that you will treasure.  Desire Images are about celebrating the woman within you. We create a mixture of glamor/ model/ artwork.

So often we, as women, get caught up in the daily routine, that we forget who we are. Desire Images is here to help you find yourself again.


It is about the experience, the photography, having the most beautiful photograph you will have ever seen of yourself. Having a portrait is priceless. It’s a gift for many generations.

When you come in to my studio, we will have a laugh and I will help you relax as I show you exactly what to do. I will show you where to put your hands, how to move your head. Easy 🙂
Honestly, I love helping women find themselves.

My images start at $250 for wall portraits and my folios start at $750
and go up from there. 

Your experience studio/creative fee will be $150.

Call me on 0421 288 003 and we can have a chat about styling the shoot for you. xx

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