* Desire to Embrace *

We are running this campaign to find women to build this movement of strength, to say no to self -hate and to tell the world that we are stronger together. 

I want to show you that you are beautiful. It does not matter what size you are, it does not matter what you are wearing,  I want to show you that you are strong, you are powerful.  Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves. Ok, a lot of the time we are so hard on ourselves.  We cannot see beyond the mirror image. We cannot see the twinkle in our eyes, the joy in our laugh, the beauty in ourselves that our friends and family see. Does that make sense?  

Maybe if we can learn how to accept ourselves, our youth will see, and then mirror us. We can be healthier and happier for them – and us. 

You are pretty awesome. To get up each morning and do what you do, that is incredible. No-one has a story just like you. 

The more people we get behind this, the more we embrace differences, the more who have the courage to say yes, I want to be a part, the louder we will be, and faster this will grow.  Then the more impact this will have. 

I see you, I hear you. You are worthy. Will not be silenced.

Contact me for more information.

0421 288 003 info@desireimages.com.au


Your Embrace Session Includes:

*Consult Session Over phone or email to suit you. where we discuss the type of photographs and style you would like. (Perhaps you have a pinterest board for inspiration, or have ideas in your mind)
*Photo session (up to 3 different outfits)
*Drinks and refreshments
*You choose your favourite images straight away – as soon as your session finishes, you get to see your photographs. Just as you are, you in all your beauty.
*Signature retouching. – The very best images from your day are individually selected and given a signature retouch to the highest standard.
You will see beautiful moments and get in touch with sides of yourself that you haven’t seen in a really long time – or maybe ever.
All of the above is included for $295 Studio Fee.

You can customise your packages
*Celebrate yourself – you are you.
*Bring up to 2 friends and enjoy this experience together (Add: $50 per friend to your session).
*Contact Sheet $345
*Wall art (from $250)

You are going to want to keep your amazing memories from your photo experience.
These memories will last with you, and help you remember your joy, may they bring a smile to your face as you and your family look upon them for generations to come.

You are in charge, you choose your favourite images.

Our packages include both the print and digital file.

Package One: 5 Photos $ 350 (includes beautiful collection box)
Package Two: 8 Photos $520 (includes beautiful collection box)
Package Three: 10 Photos $600 (includes beautiful collection box)
Package Four: 15 Photos $900 (includes beautiful collection box and contact sheet in colour and black and white)
Package Five: 20 photos $1100 (includes beautiful collection box and contact sheet in colour and black and white)

How do you want to be photographed?

To book your session, or find out more information,
Contact Kate Phone:0421 288 003. Email: info@desireimages.com.au