Your Experience

You’re in good hands. I’ll be directing you every step of the way so you won’t need to worry about a thing. My job is to help you feel comfortable and enjoy the experience.

Your photo shoot, and your kids’ photoshoot will be skilfully directed to capture your/their personality and all the best features. We bring the experience right to my studio where you can relax and not worry about anything.

The ability to connect with kids and understand that every one is unique, everyone is of value and give each person time as needed to achieve their best possible photo.

Desire Images is much more than just a photo session. Its is allowing a safe space for individuals of all ages, shapes and sizes to unearth their identity and potential. 

Behind the scenes- Faces of Tomorrow

Behind the scenes – Sisters

Behind the scenes – Family

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Your photographic experience will be easy and stress-free as we work together to create memories that you will be able to cherish for generations to come.