Faces of Tomorrow!

Today I choose to love myself. I choose to be kind to me. I often get caught up in all the chaos and noise around me. I am constantly bombarded with words and images of how I should be, what I should be, who I should be, but not today. Today I choose to be kind. I choose to love who I am.
I choose to have hope. 

The more youth we can get to stand together in unity and shout, whisper, stand in all the determination and solidarity, the louder we will be. Our message will not be put out. It’s time now change, and that time is now. We will not tolerate hate. We will not tolerate comparing ourselves to others. We will stand firm in the knowledge that we are enough. We are the faces of tomorrow. 

To the youth of today, it is up to you to Rise up and be the faces of tomorrow. You are the ones that are going to break the cycle of negativity and self-shame. You have seen the generations before you mess it all up, and for that, I apologise. We need to #standtogether and #riseup face tomorrow head-on.

Before your photoshoot, we will have a chat about what makes you, you.

What makes your child tick. I believe that by giving our youth a positive experience, it will serve to help as a grounding as they go through the perils of teenagehood.

Have a think, for example, does your daughter love sparkly dresses or is she more of a tomboy? Does she love jeans, or maybe superheroes?

I want her to feel like herself, and for her and her friends to feel like models for the day. The girls will be talking about this day for years to come! It is an experience they will never forget! Too often we get caught in all the flashy “Insta” and “snapped” posts around, we forget what is real.

The day will be filled with sugar (delicious snacks) & spice & all things nice (hair, light age-appropriate make-up) and a photo shoot and lots and lots of laughter)!

What can make it even more perfect? Inviting 2 (or more) friends to share it all with. This will give the kids something positive to bond over.

Or perhaps this is a perfect way to spend the afternoon as mother and daughter? Or mother and son? How special will these memories be both now and in the future?

I would love to provide a beautiful, fun day for the special child in your life to celebrate who they are, along with their closest friends.
Let’s celebrate their uniqueness and create beautiful photos that will be treasured forever.

Lets’ have a chat about how we can create a full-service portrait session for your child!