Leading the way

The las two weeks have been interesting haven’t they…

We have seen people and business turn and “pivot” in their stride. It is tricky isn’t it. I feel we are living in a constant state of angst and trepidation. Well, I know I am. I am working in harnessing all that energy and using it to create new ways of doing things, and ways I can support other local businesses in my community. I may have spent waaaay to much time on social mediating the mindless scroll, laughing at dog videos, but the videos that stop me are the teens and young people with a voice. The message is getting out.

Through all the chaos, my message remains the same; Beauty isn’t in the mirror – it is inside of you.

Youth of today, it is up to you to Rise up and be the Faces of Tomorrow.
You are the ones that are going to break the cycle of negativity and self-shame.
You have seen the generations before you mess it all up, and for that, I apologise. We all need to stand together and rise up, facing tomorrow head-on.

By giving you, our youth a positive experience, I believe we can help lighten your load, and allow a safe space, and a tangible product that you can hold to, something to ground you, and give you point of reference.

I want to show you that there is hope.

My goal is to help lead the way in showing you that you are capable, showing you that you can be confident- you are allowed to be confident in who you are. This tall poppy foolishness has to stop. I want to show you that you belong.

That may seem like a big goal, but I believe that we can achieve it if we work together. How amazing will it be for the next generation to come through and see just how far we have come. Maybe ‘pivoting’ will become the new way of operating, maybe we will learn to roll with the punches, until then, I will stand by you, hold your hand and we will laugh our way into the future.

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