Pause for a sec…

Sometimes, as an adult life can get pretty crazy right?

I mean, we are so consumed by getting to the next activity on time, or what the heck am I supposed to make for dinner again tonight (like, what is with that one!)? That too often I think we forgot to pause, that everything just blurs into one.


Take a big breath, regroup and then go again.

When people tell me to breathe, haha, that is a trigger. I totally get it. its like what the heck ham, I am already breathing, but I think its the concept of being in the moment, regrouping, and then continuing.

It’s like just put a pause button in there…

Being in a state of stress for such an extended period of time I think is playing with all our minds, and I think it is everyone, which is why emotions are running crazy. We see images from around the world, from in our own country of people fighting against other people. It is clear that everyone is stressed from being stressed. We have gone from looking out for each other, to looking out for ourselves. We are so weary that our neighbour is not our concern anymore. I think the random smiles from strangers in the streets and shops and the hug of a friend is pivotal to our society and how it fluently functions. How did we let it get this far, and what can we, what can I do about it?

Maybe someone shops needs that smile – yes, a real one, let the corners of your eyes scrunch, let your eyes twinkle, nothing can hide that.

I know that we need to pause, take a moment for ourselves, refill our cup, wash our spoons, then pass the warmth on to those around. I know burnout is real – boy do I know that.

Take a moment now, give yourself permission to sigh, a deep long sigh, close your eyes. do it again. It is ok to feel whatever emotion it is you’re feeling. It’s ok.

And you know what, it will be ok. You will be ok. We will be ok.

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