Stop and Breathe

Haha how many times have you been told to breathe when you are stressed!?! Does it really irk you? Oh my goodness, you have no idea how much it frustrates me when people tell me to focus on my breathing and slow down. LOL, for those who know me I’m either flat out or flat out.

But you know what, I was helping photograph an event the other night (yeay for events back in QLD!), and things were just not working. You know those moments… Anyway, I’m like,

“Kate. Stop. Breathe. Slow Down. Take a breath. You know what you are doing.”

Holy dooly, it worked. You could’ve knocked me down with a feather duster. Hahahaha.

It’s not a stop, it’s a pause, like buffering, wait for whatever it is to catch up with whatever you are trying to do, then go again.

Mind blown.

I just need to learn to be patient with myself, let the brain/hands buffer, then go again.


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