Parents, I implore you to have a conversation with your child.

Again and again I see messages of hate and our youth trying to tear each other down. Have we set such a bad example for the next generation? Have we forgotten how to show love?

Girls and boys, our children are being torn apart – from the inside out. They receive messages on paper, on screens and to their face that they are no good, that they are useless, that the world would be better without them…

My heart aches…

Parents, we keep saying #foreveragainstbullying but what are we doing about it? Have you had a hard convo with your child? Have you picked up and read their phone?

You are the parent. They are the child. It is our job to teach them the righty and wrong way to speak to someone. It is our job – as parents to say no, enough is enough. No more.

The kids that are being smashed open look just the same as everyone else. They may try to cover it up, they may try to be louder, funnier show it doesn’t bother them, but, they are kids… They cry when no-one is looking, they try to build thick scar tissue, they are in agony.

The kids that taunt, they look the same on the outside too, perhaps they are harbouring some issues of their own. BUT it is NOT appropriate to pull someone else down to make you feel better- or so you feel bigger.

I know you, as adults know this.

I challenge you to talk to your children.

This is an issue we can no longer stand quietly on.

When we stand side by side, we are #strongertogether

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