Faces of Tomorrow – Humanity thrives when we are seen and heard. Let’s give our youth a voice. 
Fantasy – Possibilities are endless. We are focused on getting THE shot. The one that’s going to hang huge on your wall. The one everyone will comment on when they come to visit!
Elegance – Couture Kids, is the next step in portrait photography. We utilise the bond that you children have with each other and with you and enhance it through our use of posing, lights and style in an elegant magazine-style session
Contemporary Glamour – It is about the experience, the photography, having the most beautiful photograph you will have ever seen of yourself.
Fast Family – Connect with your kids through a fun shared experience in this ever-changing time.
School Photography – Desire Images provides personalised service for Schools (Specializing in Special Schools) and Teams; understanding the uniqueness of such an environment.
Headshots – It is your personal brand that connects your face to your customer.
Weddings – This is the beginning of your story together. How we tell it is up to you.
Baby – Treasure these moments of love forever.
Fundraising – The group receives $10 from each session, as well as an additional 10% from each additional sale.