How amazing would it be for your kids (or even yourself!) to see themselves in a magical world? A world where dreams are made? What are your kid’s passions? Where do they go when they dream? Do they love dinosaurs and dragons, do they love fairies, maybe they are a warrior, maybe they are passionate about nature… Possibilities are endless.

Now more than ever, fantasy is the escape we need. Let them play and imagine. Create powerful positive, innovative ways to take photos and document our lives and those we love. I will help you find their identity and think about positivity. This time in your child’s life is unique. 

How Does it work:

1. Call or email and we will schedule in a time to discuss your ideas and what things your child loves. What sort of final image you are after, and concepts that we can do. Non-refundable reservation fee

2. Come into the North Ipswich Studio and we will photograph exactly what we need to make their dreams a reality! It is about the experience. We are focused on getting THE shot. The one that’s going to hang huge on your wall. The one everyone will comment on when they come to visit!

3. A draft idea will have been created from our talk before your session. Before you leave, I will show you how the magic will occur.

4. Each image will be individually artworked to perfection, sprinkled with imagination dust, and ready for the package that you choose.

By choosing a designer session, we are creating truly personalised works of art for your children. It is a gift that will be treasured for many generations.

Helping youth find their magic.

Innovative way to be documenting our lives and those we love.