Mother’s Day

Right, I want to know how it is possible that we are in May already? Holy Moly. Am I right!?!

Sometimes, it can be hard to find the perfect gift for mum – particularly as the kids get bigger, and their painted handprints cover the walls -maybe those once loved artworks are now hidden away from everyday sight, but hold more cherished memories than could ever be said…

This mothers’ day, give her a gift that will continue to give, long after the flash has stopped firing. Give her beautiful artwork for the wall. Give her a photo session with Desire Images. It could be a family session, or it could be something just for her. Make an afternoon/ evening of it. Dress to impress, and go to a fancy restaurant afterwards (Yup, giving you heaps of Brownie point ideas here…)!

$640 value for only $100

The Details:
Your Gift Voucher includes:
*Her favourite image as a digital and a print
*A slideshow showcasing some of your beautiful images from your session.

Location: Studio Session
5 Fitzgibbon St, North Ipswich

Physical Gift voucher will be available for pick up from the North Ipswich Studio.

Additional photographs – wall art, gift prints and digital images are available to purchase separately – We know you are going to love your photos!
We will tell you what to do, where to put your hands ect, but research some poses and see if there are any must-have shots that you would love, just let Kate know and we will try and accommodate.

Arrive on time for your scheduled appointment – let us know if you’re running behind.

You will be viewing and your photos straight after your session. (Be prepared to be awed by your coolness!)
Respect the value and integrity of people and property in the studio.
The studio has a strict no nuts policy.

Be yourself! the camera loves you, we promise, nothing is too silly or too crazy, be fun, be bold, be you.

Call Kate to Claim you LIMITED gift Voucher!

Desire Images
0421 288 003

2020 Christmas Experience

Well 2020 has been a year like no other!

“You are someone that I love I want to capture you for all time.”

We have all learnt a little more this year the value of friends and family. 

2020 has been a year for the history books. Community and family have banded together like never before. We have survived drought, fire, floods, pandemic, rallies and … toilet paper.

Christmas is that moment when you stop, breathe and be grateful for all you have.

Mark the end of this year with a celebration of your bond! Maybe is your family, maybe its your best friend. How do you want to celebrate?!

Reserve your spot Now

$195 – 20 Minute Session

  • 2 Digital Images
  • Sibling/Family/best friend photos included
  • Choose your photos onsite
  • Fast Turn-around

Tell them

Ever really wanted something so bad, and your partner just doesn’t get it? Your kids just can’t get their sh*t sorted?!

Tell your partner what it means to you to have these photographs done.
They may not care about the photos, but they cares for you. And that should be enough.

Tell your kids what getting these photos mean to you.
They may not understand as they are still young , about how important is is to exist in print. They love you.

I get it. I totally understand craziness. I thrive off of what most people think is nuts. Let’s work together and create some magic for you and your family.


“My Vision is for kids and families to know how valuable they are, that they are loved, and we can see that they will change the world”
~ Kate

So… what do you cost?

One million dollars!”  (lol jks!) 😂

I was asked the other day as to what I charge, and why. Now, besides that being a little weird to ask someone to justify their cost of doing business, it got me thinking… Maybe I should write a quick note, and help educate some more people 🙂 

The creative fee for your session formally covers all the amazing value below. Just as a plumber has a seperate fee for call out and parts, I have a seperate fee for the session, and the photographs you choose.  For each session you are not only paying for the time spent with me/ my team, but so much more.

This fee depends on your session type. Fab family is currently $100 and Newborn is $150.

We spend time before your session in design and planning, making everything perfect for your time here.  Running a shot list, to maximise the productiveness for you. 

Then we have an awesome time together making great photographs and memories. Over the past 11 years, I have learnt exactly the photos to take, you are benefitting from my expertise and artistic experience. 

So, you know that you are paying for a photography session and that obviously means someone to take the photos, but have you thought about all the other bits of the business?

A professional camera (and back up cameras)

Professional lights and flashes

Computers capable of processing your high qual files

Computer programs to edit your amazing images (and the ability to know how to do that and make the magic happen!) 

Storage of your files (and off-site backups)

Business and Public Liability insurance

Marketing and website costs

Props and clothes – how awesome are they?!

Studio running costs (Phone and internet, electricity ect)

Countless hours of training, workshops, education, learning how to be the best – just for you. 

After your session is finished and you have chosen your photographs, the studio is then cleaned (again!) and washing done. 

Your files are uploaded and backed up onto the server. Then I sit down and edit your photos – to make them the best they can be. If you have a styled session, or a newborn session, the editing of these are quite a lot more intense.  

Does this help give you an idea of the value of a professional photographer? 

xx Let me know if you have any more questions 😃

For a full price list, send me a message with what you are after ❤️

Colouring in Time!😁

I thought We could do something fun for Ekka show week here in QLD.

Download the below file and let your kids have a colour 😁

Post a pic of your kids completed picture on my FB page, and lets have a bit of fun! I’d love to see what they come up with!!! 😃

What sort of fun things are you doing this week?

Fundraising Photos!

Sunnybank Kindy hosted a Fantastic Photo Fundraising Fiesta!
We are helped them out with $10 from every session, plus an additional 15% from each sale going towards their Kindy.
We had lots of laughs on Sunday as we captured heaps of memories. 🙂
How awesome is it to freeze time where you family is right now?!?

We got heaps of variety during the shoots. Kids are kids – and there is never a dull moment haha!

Each shoot took about 20 minutes, during which we captured between 60-100 images, depending on the number in the family, and the children’s co-operation (lol, it’s all good – I have 3 kids, and have seen it all! Haha seriously, I am magic with kids and can generally coax them out of their shell!)

Interested in fundraising for your School or Community group? Send me a message and we’ll have a chat.