This is my place.

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Where would one look to find something?
Where would one look to find something?
Under the bed!
In the freezer (haha don’t laugh, I ‘found’ many things there when I was pregnant)!
Nope it’s not there this time – d’oh.
Like many of you, I am looking for my place in the world.
I love taking photographs! I love meeting with people! I love meeting with you, having a laugh and freezing time for you and your family.
Its the connections, the relationships between people that are so important.
I think that this is where I come in.
So many businesses are just that, businesses. Photography should be more. They can take an okay photo, but there is no connection. More than ‘how much do you charge’ more than numbers ‘oh, i totally booked 6 clients this week’ ‘ i shoot over 50 weddings a year’. It’s not about big noting yourself and being all pompous.  It’s not about the gear – lets face it ‘everyone’ has a camera these days.
You know what? I’m calling baloney.
Let’s bring this industry back to the people. Let’s make it real again. Let’s band together and bring relationships back.
I want to showcase your family memories, the bond that sisters (when-they’re-not-killing-each-other) have. The unique connection that mum’s and son’s have. The way a daughter can look into her daddy’s eyes, and make his heart melt. The stillness in the chaos of family life between a husband and wife – knowing that they have each other’s backs.
Through Desire Images (  I yearn to allow women to blossom in front of the camera, I desire to give them even a glimpse of how beautiful they are – just as they are.
This is where I want to be in the world. This is my place.

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