Are you looking for a way to connect with your kids through a fun shared experience in this ever-changing time?

You want to show them that together you are stronger, together you can change the world?  They are growing into their own person – carving their own notch in society. 

They are remarkable and resilient, you have taught well. 

Now more than ever, we are in times of great change and uncertainty. Compassion, Hope and Determination are the core beliefs underlying everything Desire Images does. 

You might think it’s just another photo, but this is so much more. Humanity thrives when we are seen and heard.
Let’s give our youth a voice. 

Desire Images works with individuals of all ages, shapes and sizes to unearth their identity and potential. 

We are providing you with an innovative way to still be taking photos and documenting our lives and those we love.

Once this mayhem is finished, you can come to the studio for a complimentary ‘look how big I am now’ session, and we will create some extra special magic for you and your family. 

We can ‘meet’ over video call (Zoom/FaceTime/WhatsApp)  so I can guide you and help you get the best snaps you can of your kids.
I can give you some posing sheets to guide you in the angles that we need to make the magic happen, give you some tips and tricks, and talk and joke with the kids over our video. 

These customized sessions can capture your kids own personality safe in your own home.

Client reviews:

“I just showed her. She said  “oh I love it”. She was so excited. “Am I really touching a unicorn?”  Sarah

“I love how you think outside the box!” Carleen