When is the best time for family photos?

Oh My Gosh.

I want to say ALL THE TIME. Haha I just want you to have amazing photos of your family.

But seriously, have a think about how old your kids are. If you have a little on under 5 or potentially 6, they are not going to function or play the game without you getting stressed too after 3 in the afternoon.

Planning is the key. Weekday sessions are the best for the morning, Maybe your older kids could miss first session of school (don’t tell my Dad I said that!) We can take your photos, choose your awesomeness, and then be done in about an hour. 😁

If you have older kids, maybe a weeknight works for your family? Can be after dinner. Everyone has had a chance to get home, get cleaned up, put freshly ironed clothes on, regroup and ready to go again. Studio portraits mean that we have no time or weather constraints (How awesome is that!)

Weekend Sessions are also available, however they tend to book out. We work with your individual family requirements to produce the photos that you dream of.

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