Who am I?

Good morning everyone!

Thought I’d pop in a quick note as to who I am, and what makes me tick. 🙂

My name is Kate, and I have an awesome yet crazy household. haha Never a dull moment here!  My husband and I have 3 kids – our eldest is graduating grade 12 this year (which I am totally not ready for- where on earth did that time go?!), so between dance, soccer, cubs, scouts, theatre work with the other two, someone is always on the move. Git to say, I don’t know how it world work any other way. Seems to be perfect for us.

I studied Bachelor of Social Science back in the day, majoring in Counselling and Drama. Who would have known that they would fit so perfectly with the life we now lead.

I am a producer for a local theatre production. This year’s show is a musical comedy. Seriously, you will be rolling in the isles!

My photography business has been buzzing along for 9 and a bit years now. I have learnt so much both about photos, and prob more about people than I expected. I am always learning and developing my skills.

I was thinking, why should people come and see me as opposed to someone else in the area? Well, I believe that it is all about the relationships. Like, you would see one of my friends (photographer), she calls a spade a spade, or another may be cheeper, but I think I am gentle with people of all types and ages. I am great with kids, teens and also great with women, not everyone is for everyone…. does that make sense – or am I rambling..?

I may not be perfect, my house may not be in order, but I am passionate, I am gentle, and I will give you all I can. I will be there for you in the hard times and the fun.

You have enough. You are enough. xx





  1. I am a 24 year old recent college graduate with a Sociology Major complete with a Spanish Culture Studies Minor and a Theatre Minor. I enjoy hiking, reading, and coloring. In terms of music, I love contemporary Christian Music and Musical Theatre. In terms of books, my favorite genres are fantasy, mystery and classics: right now I am writing a children’s fantasy

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