Why should I take Family Photos? 🤔

Why are family photos so important to us?

Its an interesting question isn’t it. In this digital age, still, the most coveted thing is family photos. If the house is on fire, besides the obvious people and pets, family photos are still the one thing people yearn for. 

Often family photo albums, and portraits on the wall are some of the most important objects to us, and yet surprisingly we take them for granted. Often it’s not until too late that we grasp the concept of how important it is to exist in photos. To exist in print. 

We look at photos to remember someone (or a pet) that we have lost. It helps us remember details long since forgotten. It puts a smile back on our faces and helps us cope that they are no longer with us.  

Sometimes this can be confronting as we can’t find enough good photos.  They are now stored on a computer that crashed or on a old phone, sometimes the quality isn’t the best… 

I see you. I see you are hiding behind the line that “no-one wants to see me”.. well, actually they do. You need to be there, need to exist for your family and friends around you. This is your legacy. 

I want you to stop for a minute and have a think about the importance of family photos and history.  Something happens to us when we show off photos doesn’t it. Our heart swells with love and pride, we want to show everyone. They are a gift to be treasured. Family photos can evoke emotions long after the actual photo was taken! 

Please, print your photos. Hang them in your home. Engage a professional photographer to work with you and get the best out of your family. Do this on a regular basis. Watch your kids and family grow and change. You will be lifted by the results. 

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